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About Us at K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering

Asia-BorisASIA began “Dog Whispering” long before anyone had ever heard the term, let alone understood what it really meant and explains her more than 40 years experience as follows:

“I spent my first 18 years amidst the beauty and silence of nature living a real-life “Dr. Doolittle” story, being influenced and largely raised by creatures of the wild, including dogs, cats, mice, birds, chickens, insects, snakes, lizards, frogs, bees, butterflies, ducks, geese, swans, owls, ravens, crows, eagles, rabbits, goats, deer, horses, raccoons, fish, crabs, seals, dolphins, and whales.

Before I was ten years old I had experienced close encounters with and rescued many injured animals, birds, insects, reptiles and fish who told me when they didn’t need rescuing and put me in my place the only way they knew how…with their teeth, claws, hooves, beaks or stingers.

I’m happy to say that even though some of my lessons involved being bitten, scratched, thrown, kicked and stung by many wonderful animals, birds, insects, fish and reptiles, this never deterred me from continuing my ongoing studies, and taught me, at a very young age, that the rewards of patience are beyond measure.

In fact, my childhood teachers were a varied cast of characters consisting of anything that crawled, walked or ran on the earth, swam in the ocean or flew in the sky. In other words, any creature with fur, feathers, skin or scales as most of my childhood was spent in the presence of domesticated or wild creatures, observing, learning and living closely with them in their natural habitat where we sat together, quietly breathing and listening to nature.

I’ve never known a time when dogs were not a very central part of my personal journey and I truly believe that I can attribute the fact that I learned so well the most important of life’s lessons to each and every dog that walked the path with me and that continue to teach me wonderful lessons every day.

I’m so very grateful that life has placed me in a situation now in my journey where I can give back to the dogs of the world as a tribute to those incredible four-legged teachers who began my education and understanding of the canine mind so many years ago, by teaching Dog Whispering to those special humans who want to know and understand how to live peaceful, happy lives together with their furry best friends.

Additionally, I keep writing more and more dog breed books (350 and counting) and have now added an extra service (Knows To Nose) to help those thinking about adding a canine fur friend to their family. If you’re thinking about getting a dog before you make a choice that may cause you more stress than you could have imagined, ask Asia and Jim for a matchmaking consultation so that you will have the best idea about what type of fur friend will be best for your energy and lifestyle. Please visit Knows To Nose today.

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Jim-BorisJIM spent the summers of his youth on a ranch, riding horses, going on pack trips in the wild and living in nature, and he explains his connection to the animal world as follows:

“I looked forward every summer to leaving the confines of the city to once again travel into the mountains and reconnect with the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

In my youth, I spent a great deal of time with horses and there was always at least one dog around. I was always amazed by the silent communication that took place between the ranch dogs and the horses and very quickly came to realize that the way they communicated was very different from the way we humans interact. It was all energy and body language.

As I observed horses and dogs, I learned how simply and easily they moved through their day, with hardly any stress or misunderstanding and as I was growing up, I oftentimes wished that communication between humans could be so easy.

I found it very interesting that there seemed to be quite a difference between domesticated city dogs versus working ranch dogs and noticed that the only dogs who were having problems were the ones living in the city with their humans.

I studied this phenomenon for quite some time before I realized that the problem was not with the dogs, but rather with the humans that didn’t understand what their dog needed to be happy living outside of their natural habitat.

It was obvious to me that there was a deep-seated need to help dogs by addressing the psychological inadequacies they were being forced to live with so that they could feel comfortable in their human surroundings and that the only way to effectively accomplish this was to teach dog psychology to humans.

My great respect and admiration for animals and dogs in particular then lead me down a path that found me sharing Asia’s enthusiasm and vision of helping misunderstood dogs.

When Boris came into our lives, we very soon realized that we could combine our many years of experience in such a way that is now personally and positively addressing a very great need for the dogs of Victoria through our K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering service.”

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BorisBORIS was born in Metchosin on January 30th, 2006 and has been a true joy and inspiration to us both from the very first moment we met and continues to inspire and teach us every day.

Although Boris is a soft and lovable, happy Shih Tzu, which is one of the few breeds who are truly bred to be lap dogs, he’s an integral dog whispering team member whose body language tells an important story about your dog.

Boris is a very talented and important part of our Dog Whispering team in that he’s the first to read unstable energy in another dog or owner, and happily lends his calm, submissive energy to help soothe other dogs who are displaying chaotic or aggressive energy, acting a bit out of control or don’t know how to focus on their walk.

Boris is also our “target dog” when we need to teach an owner the proper way to correct aggressive behavior toward other dogs because Boris knows to stay calm and focus on the task at hand, as he knows humans are always in control and that we will never let another dog harm him.

Boris is the talk of the town who makes everyone laugh out loud when they see him sporting his Doggles (K-9 Sunglasses) and his picture is spread around the globe as hundreds of tourists (& locals, too) continually mob us for his picture.

Boris is the ORIGINAL K-9 Super Hero who freely spreads love, laughter and joy wherever our path takes him.

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