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Canine Group Harmony

Relieving Stress and Bringing Communities Together

“How dogs today are impacting our lives in untold ways”

Establishing canine group harmony is just one of the services K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering offers to the dog loving population that is becoming increasingly more relevant in today’s society.

While in the past sharing your life with a dog usually meant that you lived in a single-family dwelling with a convenient back yard, as a result of changing housing trends, many singles, couples, and families are now choosing the more convenient apartment or condominium lifestyle.

This increasing trend in lifestyle housing choices means that today there are more and more dogs living in close proximity to one another within a single building or complex. While the conveniences of living within the community of a condominium complex are many, silently growing within this changing housing trend is an increasingly wide array of stressful social and behavioral problems for humans and dogs that are not being positively addressed.

For instance, you may already have experienced stressful situations within your building. Perhaps you and your dog have been waiting to enter or exit the elevator, hallway or lobby only to be greeted by a growling, barking or snapping dog. This is a shocking and upsetting experience that many humans are not prepared to effectively deal with and can quickly escalate into a traumatic scene that causes frayed nerves and angry neighbors, and leaves everyone nervous and upset.

Hurt feelings and misunderstanding can run rampant within a building, and now one of your neighbor’s is upset with you and your precious fur friend is unfairly labeled a “bad dog”, while those affected are “dealing” with the situation by avoiding you and your dog.

Maybe there’s a dog living two doors down from you that becomes aggressive and charges the door whenever she hears you in the hallway with your dog, or perhaps when entering the lobby, seeing one another at the local dog park, or passing on the sidewalk causes your dog or someone else’s to act out in what appears to be an unfriendly manner.

There are many social problems and traumas that can occur and much stress, unhappiness and ongoing canine behavioral issues that can cause disharmony within a building, and the first step toward eliminating these upsetting situations is to realize that you don’t have to move out or learn to live with these distressing scenarios because they can all be alleviated.

The key to positively addressing these sorts of problems is our popular Canine Group Harmony service because, rather than privately working with you and your dog (which is also a good idea in some instances), in order to be effective, the core issue of disharmony between various canines living within the same building needs to be addressed in a “group” setting, or within the context of the entire building.

This means that first, all the dog owners in the building need to be willing to come together as a group, to learn some basic dog psychology, which will help everyone better understand why our fur friends do what they do and what we can do to help them without blaming our neighbors.

Next, with our guidance, we will properly and safely add each person’s dog’s to the mix, so that all humans and all dogs have the opportunity to develop a group mindset and all dogs learn to calmly accept all other dogs in the building as part of their pack or community.

The next step toward solidifying Canine Group Harmony involves all dog owners coming together to be part of two or more directed group pack walks around their neighborhood, and then finally, we will work with everyone and their dogs within the lobby, elevators, and hallways so that both humans and dogs become familiar with suddenly seeing another one of their community pack entering or exiting elevators, doorways or hallways, and they learn the appropriate way to greet.

In order to improve everyone’s life in your community and make all of this happen, now we need to ask your building manager or strata council to organize your building’s Canine Group Harmony event, pick a date that works for everyone, collect fees and hire us to bring group harmony to your building.

While the best scenario would be for every dog person in the building to participate in this event, if not everyone is able to attend, those that can be present will learn valuable coping and socialization strategies that will help to improve canine harmony within the building.

  • Our fee: $50 per person — Minimum number of participants: 4
  • Time Frame: 2 to 3 hours initially, Plus 1-2 hour group pack walk follow-up within a week

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