Confronting Canine Obesity: Is Your Dog Overweight and Unhealthy? Confronting Canine Obesity: Is Your Dog Overweight and Unhealthy? K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering

Confronting Canine Obesity: Is Your Dog Overweight and Unhealthy?

Is Your Dog Overweight?

Is Your BFF Overweight?

Just like us humans, far too many of our best fur friends are overweight too.

Our canine companions suffer from many of the same health related diseases their human guardians suffer from, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Dogs are natural athletes, not naturally overweight…they get that way because they live with humans who do not take care of them properly and instead of getting them out there walking, running and exercising like dogs are meant to, keep them unnaturally sedentary.

There are only two reasons for a dog to be unhealthily overweight:

  • (1) they are fed terrible, fatty food and/or too much of it; and
  • (2) they do not get any or enough exercise.

Many of these problems can be helped simply by making healthier food choices and increasing daily exercise.

When you have a dog, you’ve always got a reason to exercise more and when you have an overweight dog, you really need to exercise more, if you love them and want them to live as long a life as possible.

There is a simple way to determine if your dog is overweight.

When they are standing, place your hand flat against their ribs and if you cannot feel any of their ribs when you apply a little firm pressure, this means that your dog is spending too much time at the feed bowl and not enough time being outside moving around and enjoying being a dog.

Don’t shorten your dog’s life…instead, help your BFF live a long and healthy life by making sure you are not over-feeding and that you and they are getting out for lots of exercise.

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