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1 or 2 Hour Online VIDEO Dog Whispering Sessions Now Available

As you can imagine, there are many people who don’t live near enough to have access to our full-blown, hands-on dog whispering sessions that take place in your home, or perhaps you might live near us, but are currently unable to stretch your finances or time to include 4 to 6 hours of hands-on training ($750), but still want answers that can help you and your dog live a happier life.

Thankfully many people living in our technological cyber world are able to access remote training for many different situations, and for those humans, we offer a less time-consuming, more economical, one or two-hour video session ($100 or $300)

Just one hour can really help get you and your favorite fur friend off on the right foot, if you need to learn basic commands, hand signals or want to start your puppy off with some trick training, wherever you might live.

Two hours, is enough time to get you, your family and your dog on track, whether you have a new puppy and want to avoid future problems, or have an adult dog that has developed some unwanted behaviors that may be damaging your relationship.

When you sign up for one of our remote, online video dog whispering / dog training sessions, we can do a lot to help educate, prevent and alleviate current problem behaviors so that everyone can live a happy, stress-free life together.

Simply fill out our online dog whispering form that will give us a heads up about what sort of a situation you and your fur friend are currently dealing with, make your payment ($100 or $300) through our convenient payment platform, and set a time for us to remotely get together to hear your concerns, answer your questions and provide you with workable solutions.

When you book a two-hour video session, Asia will e-mail you a written report, so you won’t have to make notes or remember all that transpired during our conversation.

We have over 40 years experience helping many different humans and dogs who were experiencing endless problems, so know that YES, you can gain a LOT of insight into how to alleviate or prevent problem behaviors during a video session with us, so sign up today, and let’s get started creating that perfect special relationship between you and your chosen canine companion.

Call us today at 250-881-7795 or 778-678-DOGS (Cell) or scroll down the page and book your Dog Whispering session online right now, because we know that with the proper training, we can all learn to be dog’s best friend.

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When we have confirmed a date for your appointment, we will then send you an e-mail outlining what your session will involve.

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