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Almost everyone who shares their life with a dog will come up against problems they need to solve. We’re experts when it comes to helping you solve your canine problems.

Today we’re going to talk to you about “The Canine Transformation” and “How dogs today are impacting our lives in untold ways”.

We’re passionate about educating the world about how dog ownership has markedly changed since the Industrial Revolution and providing valuable information and insight to the canine loving population that will help humans to choose the right dog for their particular energy and lifestyle.

We want to see the hundreds of rescues become a thing of the past, and for the dog whispering side of our business to no longer be necessary.

In order to accomplish this, we need to educate the human side of the relationship so that they understand first, how to choose the right canine companion and second, what they must do to keep their fur friends happy.

Rather than reversing unwanted behaviors, every dog-loving person needs to understand how to raise their fur friends in such a way that behavioral problems never occur.

Some of the topics we will touch upon, which will shed light on this growing problem, include:

  • the changing role of the canine companion
  • why men and women have different reasons for choosing their canine companions
  • why we’re making our dogs crazy
  • why we need to be more focused on being our dog’s best friend
  • why this particular person chose that particular dog
  • the surprising reasons behind why we humans decided to share our lives with a dog
  • the number one reason why we decided to have a dog in our life


ASIA grew up in the wilds of the Gulf Islands and has been training dogs since age 12. She created and operated the very first public bus service in BC that permitted dogs (& bicycles) on board.

Over the past six years, Asia has expanded into freelance writing, having written over 350 dog breed books, all of which are published on Amazon. To view all of Asia’s books please visit Must Have Publishing.

JIM grew up in the wilds of Wyoming and spent a lot of time working with horses, that while not as smart as most dogs, are similar in many ways.

He takes the lead on offering our dog whispering clients EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions when they have been traumatized by past behavioral issues with their dogs, and if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he also enjoys working in the digital marketing field helping online businesses sell goods and services.

As an efficient husband and wife team, Asia and Jim (and Boris the Shih Tzu) are experts when it comes to solving canine behavioral problems, having spent more than a decade as professional dog whisperers (K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whisperingclick here to learn more) on Vancouver Island, and training humans and helping dogs enjoy better relationships with their people is second nature.

We’ve also created a new branch of our dog whispering business called Knows To Nose, which is designed to help first-time dog guardians choose the right dog for their energy and lifestyle. Click here to visit

Asia is currently involved in a new freelance writing project with a client in the UK authoring a “Happy Dog” series that focuses on how to raise a happy dog from the get-go, rather than trying to fix behavioral issues after the fact.

Asia and Jim have also expanded their services to include Executive Pet Sitting so that client’s fur friends will not be displaced from their usual home routine. When you must travel for work or pleasure, they will come and live in your home with your friends while you’re away, and will also drive you to the airport and pick you up when you return.

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