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Dog Whispering Articles

What is Dog Whispering?

Dog whispering, also known as dog training or behavior modification, is a technique that involves understanding and communicating with dogs through body language, tone of voice, and behavior.

Dog Stress and Anxiety Management: Don’t Blame the Dog – Part #4

How to Avoid Dog Stress & Anxiety Dog stress and anxiety management for our furry friends is crucial for their overall well-being, and there are various techniques and strategies that can help alleviate these issues. As responsible dog owners, it’s our duty to understand from our dogs’ perspective and understand how their behavior is a […]

The Role of Exercise: Don’t Blame the Dog – Part #3

Dog Exercise Exercising your furry friend is an essential aspect of responsible dog ownership that promotes physical health and mental well-being. Regular exercise helps your dog maintain a healthy weight, strengthens their muscles and bones, and improves their cardiovascular health. Additionally, it is a primal instinct of dogs to wander their territory and exercise helps […]

Mastering Dog Socialization and Training: Don’t Blame the Dog – Part #2

Get ready to learn how, from a canine’s perspective, dog socialization and training can make all the difference in creating a happy and well-behaved furry companion. Dog Socialization SOCIALIZATION is crucial in helping your dog develop positive behavior towards humans and other animals. Through proper socialization, your dog can learn to interact appropriately with its […]

Unraveling Mysterious Canine Behavior: Don’t Blame the Dog – Part #1

As a dog owner, you’ve no doubt often found yourself frustrated with your furry companion’s canine behavior. Why won’t he stop barking? Why does she keep chewing on things she shouldn’t? Why doesn’t he listen to me? It’s easy to jump to conclusions and blame the dog, but what if we took a step back […]

Dogs in the Workplace: A Win-Win for Employers and Employees

As a dog lover and pet owner, the thought of being able to bring my furry friend to work with me is a dream come true. The idea of having my loyal companion by my side throughout the workday not only brings me joy but also has numerous benefits for both myself and my workplace. […]

Are You Making Your Dog Fat?

Do you have a chubby dog? It’s a common problem among our furry friends, who, like humans, can easily become overweight and unhealthy.

Dog Walking or Human Walking?

So very often when you’re out and about and you see someone with their dog, it’s not the person walking the dog, but rather, the dog walking the person. In fact, you see this scenario so frequently that it’s become quite a common joke you’ll hear from passing observers who comment, “Who’s walking who?” It […]

Pets Outnumber Children 4 to 1

You might have been recently noticing that there seem to be increasingly more and more dogs, cats, and other pet owners, and you’d be right because according to new statistics that are about to be released in a book written by Jonathan V. Last, pets now outnumber children 4 to 1 in America. Fur Friend […]

Is Walking Your Dog a Real Drag?

Do you enjoy walking your dog, or does this picture remind you of how taking your dog out for a walk has literally become a painful drag because your dog is pulling your arm out of its socket? Don’t worry, because the above picture is more common than you might imagine as easily 90% or […]

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