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Dog Whispering Articles

What is Dog Whispering?

Dog whispering, also known as dog training or behavior modification, is a technique that involves understanding and communicating with dogs through body language, tone of voice, and behavior.

Dog Nail Health

Proper dog nail health is important for the overall health of your fur friend. Once they’re too long, the quick (the vein) will grow longer into the nail, which makes it impossible to trim the nails back far enough. Save Your Floors – Save Your Skin Short nails will also save your hardwood floors and […]

Can Humanizing Your Dog Be Harmful?

So many people are excessively humanizing their pets, and none more so than our canine counterparts. For instance, you see cute, little humanizing sayings everywhere, such as “Dogs Are People Too”, “I’m Family”, and “Dogs are Children in Fur Clothes”,  just to quote a few. Such as movies portraying dogs and cats as conversational, intelligent, puzzle-solving, […]

Is Dog Stress Killing Your Best Fur Friend?

We’ve all heard about how stress can kill humans, but have any of us humans ever stopped to consider how dog stress is also taking its toll on our beloved canine population? Once we humans decided to domesticate dogs, remove from all they previously knew and fully integrate them into our immediate environment, they have […]

What’s a Puppy Mill? Why You Should Care

Many people have heard the term “puppy mill”, yet many more don’t really understand what it means, other than that it has something to do with buying and selling puppies. The following article is intended to help educate the millions of responsible pet owners who may be about to unwittingly purchase a puppy from a […]

Panda Dogs?

“This year, popularity for one unique type of dog is surging in China. The black and white pooches are chubby and exceptionally fluffy. They bear a striking resemblance to pandas. The panda dog is not an identified, accepted breed, but instead they’re Chows that have undergone cosmetic primping to get them to appear as adorable […]

Confronting Canine Obesity: Is Your Dog Overweight and Unhealthy?

Is Your BFF Overweight? Just like us humans, far too many of our best fur friends are overweight too. Our canine companions suffer from many of the same health related diseases their human guardians suffer from, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Dogs are natural athletes, not naturally overweight…they get that way because […]

Spear Grass: The Summertime Threat to Pets and How to Avoid It

Did you know that there are approximately 60 species of spear grass, commonly known under many different names, including, foxtail grass, porcupine grass, needle grass, silver spike grass, etc. and “spear grass” is the generic term used for any wild grass that has barbed seeds. What Spear Grass Looks Like There is dangerous foxtail barley […]

Dogs Are…Love, Helpers, Companions, Great Listeners, Fitness Coaches

Even though, when you ask most humans why they have a dog, their spontaneous response is usually “for companionship”, there may actually be far more subtle reasons we humans aren’t even aware of that speak to the many human needs that might be left unfulfilled if we were unable to share our lives with a […]

$250 Dog Poop Trap

What’s a $250 Dog Poop Trap? No doubt you’ve heard of a “speed trap”, but for irresponsible dog owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs, what about a “$250. poop trap”? Sure everyone is more vigilant when they see the local enforcement authorities wandering about in their uniforms, but what if they were […]

Is Your Dog Collar Safe?

Let’s face it, we humans are generally quite fashion conscious, and like to be well turned out and up to date with the latest, and because of this many of us also like our dog’s to be sporting the latest canine fashions when it comes to choosing a dog collar. While our dogs really don’t […]

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