What Happens at Your House? K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering

What Happens at Your House?

What Happens at your HouseWhen you’re waiting for the Dog Whispering team to arrive at your door, you’re probably wondering what will happen? Don’t worry – it will be a fun and educational time for everyone.

Case History Interview

When the K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering Team arrives at your home, we first complete a comprehensive case history interview of you and your dog, your past dog history, and the family dynamics, including breed specific characteristics and DNA traits, how your dog came to live with you, any changes in circumstance, what you perceive as problem areas and what your goals are.

Hands On Training

We then spend as long as it takes with your dog and your family addressing the challenges, teaching you new dog whispering techniques and showing you how to redirect your dog’s unwanted behaviour(s), which includes teaching you and your family how to work with Mother Nature and learn how to provide your dog with the leadership that is paramount for a happy relationship.

Once we are confident that all areas of need have been addressed, we leave you with new techniques for you and your family to practice every day with your dog which will make you AND your dog much happier.

Written Report and Homework

Whew, that’s a lot of info! But it’s OK because we put it all in writing for you, complete with pictures, to keep as a forever, personalized reference, specific to you and your circumstances, including extra suggestions, support and encouragement. It’s like having your own personal dog whisperer “whispering” in your ear whenever you need reminding.

Follow-Up Visit

To be continued…After two weeks of practice on your own, we come back for a refresher visit, during which time we review you and your dog’s progress and address any areas of uncertainty.

Exclusive Extra Client Services

Now that you’re a K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering client, you have access to seven exclusive services (Dog Sitting and your home, Dog Walking (Victoria area only), Grooming at your home for you non-shedders, Pawdicures ($25. at your home), $75. refresher visits, yearly picnics, and endless free Sunday Pack Walks).

You can come along any Sunday to our Free Pack Walk at Beacon Hill Park. Here you and your dog(s) can get even more practice and a little tune-up if needed, while enjoying the comaraderie of a friendly group of dogs and humans . We e-mail our Pack Walkers a Sunday picture of the happy group every week and you’re always welcome to call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

Call the K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering Team today and we’ll help you learn, among other things, how to use Mother Nature and dog psychology to help your best friend become your K-9 Super Hero.

Dog Walking Course

We also teach a Certified Dog Walking Course, because we believe that proper dog walking is so very important for our fur friends. This course includes a year of great advertising at DogAboutTown.ca, which will give your new business a great boost if you’re thinking about starting up your own dog walking service. Contact us by e-mail for further details.

– Asia
Dog Whispering for 40+ years
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